Active, cooperative, self-paced, and experiential learning.

Amani Project and Fundación Escuela Nueva partnered to launch the Amani Project in the Quindío region of Colombia in 2017. Children from 10 different Escuela Nueva schools came together in Armenia to become Amani Music Makers.

Fundación Escuela Nueva is revolutionizing education around the world. The starting point is the "new paradigm" of learning in a "new school," which aims to improve the effectiveness and quality of education. The Escuela Nueva Activa® model has shown that conventional "transmissive, memory and passive" teaching practices can be massively changed towards a new pedagogical paradigm based on cooperative, personalized, participatory and constructivist learning.

Amani Project and Fundación Escuela Nueva will be working together to infuse Amani Project curriculum into the Escuela Nueva network of schools across Colombia and the world. Stay tuned to see the progress!



Learning together. Escuela Nueva students participate in the 2017 Amani Project Launch in Quindío, Colombia.